Mettle's Product Line

Cycling in the Pacific Northwest and the products inspired by it.

The Pacific Northwest guarantees year-round cycling and nearly year-round racing. It also guarantees you will learn how to follow Rule #5 when planning a century in January. The deeper you dive in to your passion, the more you find others are there too; making, improving, and finding their own taste within any discipline. We think we've found our style and now we're trying to build accessories for the cyclist that notices when form and function occupy the same space. There's plenty of room in a cyclists repertoire for style and taste, but if it does not perform or do what it promises, it suddenly becomes a wasted purchase... another piece of gear that's not worth the trip to return it and no one would take for free at a swap meet.

You can get everything we make at any bike shop and pay less. You can get it on Amazon and pay way less. But if you're the type of rider that gives a shit, we're the type of company that you're going to dig.

Here's a bit more behind the products we're offering... 


We're willing to bet there's going to be a few chilly mornings this season. We thought neck warmers required way too much effort to remove them and at the moment when you've warmed up 1/3 of the way in to the first climb, it's time for that thing to come off. A large button hole holds the Neckerchief around your neck like a friction shifter, allowing you to pull it off easily and stow it without breaking pace. It's amazing what a little protection for your neck can do for warmth.


It's hard to believe such a trend hasn't made it's way in to cycling caps. Perhaps 3-panel versions have more appeal for the weight weenies of the sport. Perhaps everyone thinks it's a bad idea but no one has told us. Perhaps, we're on to something. The contour of these caps is superior to others in a way we didn't expect.


This is what started this whole damn thing. Its one thing to shove your flat repair kit under the saddle and move on, but when everything is in it's right place while changing a flat on the side of a highway... in the rain... in 35 degrees... it's nice to keep everything you need from rolling away or getting covered in grime. That's why each detail of our Tool Roll makes #FlatTimesAtRidgemontHigh a little less sucky.

  • Pockets for a tire lever, Co2, tube, Co2 head, and a multi-tool
  • Reflective 3M piping for added safety and reflection
  • Rare Earth Magnets that keep the flap closed and in place
  • Thick webbing and pro velcro
  • Fairfield waxed canvas - for class, patina, and beautiful durability
  • 500D Cordura and insanely durable Taffeta for water proofing and protecting the most stressed areas of use.

These aren't the simplest pieces to make. Top stitching and multiple panels just make it better, despite the suggestions of many manufacturers. We've tested these through 2 Portland winters and we're completely stoked on the results.

We've gotten to this point by taking our time. Being purposeful in our pursuit has allowed a higher attention to detail and execution and we think that shows in the look and utility of Mettle's products. If you made it this far in to the site, your'e a committed supporter of small business... or you're our Mothers (and even they don't have an attention span that long).

Thanks for checking out our little corner of the cycling industry.

Posted on May 10, 2015 .