"We are a go"

Over 18 months ago, I started a side project: sewing together dresser caddy's with scraps of Pendleton and cheap oil cloth from a local fabric store. After 8 prototypes, it was clear I didn't have the machinery or expertise to achieve what I wanted. Turning my focus to something that was actually relevant and useful, I realized aligning passions was probably the best way to go: Cycling and making cool shit for cycling.

The first drunken proof of concept or POS (Proof of Shit).

The first drunken proof of concept or POS (Proof of Shit).

It took several tries to even get to an acceptable starting point:

Sewing, testing, iterating. Even the 5-panel cap and the scarf started showing up with some different materials. Eventually, each of the items for sale on this site received anywhere from 12-18 months of testing and versioning. I feel 100% confident that we're launching with top-shelf versions of each of these ideas.

The very first prototype of a working Tool Roll still lives and only shows how these pieces get better with use. It's survived 2 portland winters, 200 mile drives on the roof rack and getting run over by a car. We hope you find the same quality and use for these products as we have.

Posted on May 9, 2015 .