Mettle Cycling is tight knit squad powered by a passionate brand, both with a commitment to the local cycling community. Over the last 3 years, we've built a reputation for being strong, tactical, and worst of all... "a group of really nice guys." As the team leader and "owner," my goal has been to build it the same way as the brand. Purposeful and slow; including riders that understand how to win on their own and apply that to a team effort. Riders that are sponsor correct and representative in their appreciation for the help that companies are willing to give amateurs with delusions of grandeur. Sometimes it's the grass roots that gives the biggest impact for brands and that's where the fun is (as well as the biggest bang for the buck).

If you're here, it's because you might be one of those good people that like to give a little sugar to the idiots that race around in circles while wearing lycra. Here's a peak of what that might look like and what we can offer in both representation and value-adds. Thanks for checking us out!

-Randall Fransen, Owner/Operator



Racing bikes isn't as accessible as a lot of sports. The investment of time as well as money is substantial even in the lowest ranks. The ultimate goal is to alleviate the cost of kit, race fees, and nutrition while partnering with brands that have a passion for the sport as well as a connection to the community. We're not chasing mortgage companies for big checks; we partner with companies that have a real cross over to bike riders.




Scottie’s values align closely with Mettle’s on a community level. While creating a place for inclusivity, Scottie’s pays his workers a living wage and pays forward much of his earnings to community programs and for the first time dove into local sports, helping our team with pizzas at local races as well as a small cash donation to offset the cost of race entries and nutrition.



CryoPDX provide recovery options for our riders. NormaTec Compression Therapy and Cryo Therapy have been essential to keeping the gains from training over the long run. Sid and Deb not only gave our team a significant discount but a generous check to help cover a lot of costs for the squad this road season. 



Specialized has a custom division for kit and accessories. In exchange for photography and consistent mentions/tags on social channels, Specialized Custom offered the squad this year's kit at cost, significantly decreasing the financial requirement for the squad. This was a huge benefit to our riders who are still in school or working part-time jobs as well as younger riders fresh out of school with jr. positions.



It's easiest to outline the range of costs and then ask potential partners what they feel comfortable contributing. We don't have set levels or amounts but we do attribute a lot more attention to the partners that have the most significant involvement. These are general costs that begin to multiply over the course of a single season. Even a small squad generates a lot of expenses:





Average Kit $ per rider:

Average Entry Fee per race

Average Nutrition costs per rider


Mettle has generated a reputation for being “Fast enough to win and Nice enough to not be hated for it.” That’s a good start.



We pride ourselves on having the most noticeable kit design wherever we race and compliments from our competitors and fans on the interwebs confirm it. Our partners have expressed that seeing their brands placed with intention is preferable to other teams with 10-15 sponsors in a sea of logos. We max our partnerships out at 5 in any given season to emphasize the value and maintain consistency in promotion on our channels. We’ve also directly influenced the decisions of kit manufacturing for Speedvagen, Olympia Cycling, and Fat Cake Cycling Club.


Perhaps more valuable is the content generated and any added value we can provide for your brand like what we did for CryoPDX and Specialized Custom for their own channels. GIFs, videos and a gallery of photos to use for free.


Mettle’s Instagram channel is dedicated to the brand and the team, almost 50/50. With 6000 followers and growing (as well as a recent cover photo for Bicycling Magazine), the polish of our photos and IG stories are far beyond almost any amateur racing team. Plus, podium shots galore. Stats? why yes:

@mettlecycling | 6000 - averaging 800-1000 profile visits & 5000 impressions, per week. Core audience 25-44 (age, men/women)

@fransencomesalive | 6000

@adamkachman | 6400

@benguernsey / @mckenzie.sampson / @xandurrr / @zoogore / @zach_rots / @philfr0mthefuture | 6650

The Squad

This is a special blend of riders that have been pulled from many disciplines and experiences to form one of the most dominant amateur teams in Portland.


Xander Viray

Cat 3 | Xander recently graduated school with a Bio-Medical degree and has been racing collegiate for the last 4 years. Voted most likely to be DS, Xander brings team experience from stage racing with previous teams.


Phil Kirkland

Cat 4 | Team Mascot? Maybe. CX racer and max Chilleur? Definitely. Can't imagine a race without Phil cheering, drinking, then cheering some more. Then drinking some more.


Ben Guernsey

Cat 2 | Ben is the current SSCX Oregon State Champion and a Designer, Photographer, and Puncheur. Like an onion, Ben has many layers and will at some point make you cry.


Gabe Linn

SS Extraordinaire and actual human father. Beyond Boy Scout Preparedness.


Kieren Harden

Vegan Straight Edge and not an asshole about it. A Cat 4 on the rise with luscious locks.


Weston Martin

Cat 3 | Previously racing the midwest Crit scene, Weston joined Mettle this year and has contributed more than his weight in gold for team members both by chasing down breaks and metric tons of positive encouragement.


McKenzie Sampson

Cat 2 | Oregon State TT Champion (Cat 3). McKenzie won 4 races this year & helped other teammates run through upgrade points like Haribo Gummy Bears..


Eric Zugor

Cat 2 | Currently the team's resident "injured guy" and KOM holder for some tough local Strava segments. A roadie with a new found love for CX, his mustache is the source of his power.


Mikey "Buddha" Ward

Cat 4 | Living in S. C. and splitting time between Triathlon, CX, and interpretive dance.


Robert Cummings

Professional XC MTB, 3rd at State RR championships and gunning for Elite CXNats.

OKCProAm_Day2 (26 of 94)MettleTeamPage-sponsorship_SS.jpg

Randall Fransen

Cat 2 | Owner of Mettle Cycling. Mediocre at all disciplines. The one to blame for anything that goes wrong with this potential partnership. Most likely to ask about your tyre pressure.


Dr. Dave Aurich

The "Tri-Guy" residing in the SE...of the country. Dave embodies #onmymettle achieving life-long goals and being mediocre at 3 sports when he could just be good at one.


David Embree

Cat 5 | "The Points Guy" and kit model with more power than he really knows what to do with.


Zach Rotstein

Cat 3 | Panache ratio on the team is now disproportionally provided by Zach.




1st Overall Mt. Tabor Series (2/3)  |  1st Oregon State TT Championship (3)  |  5th Oklahoma City ProAm Classic (3) |  4th Chico Stage Race - Stage 2 (3)  |  5th Modesto RR (3)  |  4th Oregon State RR Championship (3)  |  2nd Overall High Desert Omnium (3)  |  3rd Overall High Desert Omnium (3)  |  1st & 3rd One Horse RR (3)  |  1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Montinore RR (3) |  5th Overall Baker City Classic (3) |  2nd Overall GPCD series (Elite) 3rd Overall GPCD series (2/3)  |  1st Overall GPCD series (5)  |  1st Overall Blind Date Series (Elite)  |  1st Overall PDX Trophy Cup Series (5) 3rd Overall High Desert Omnium (2018) 2nd Overall Cross Crusade (2/3) 2nd Overall Cross Crusade (SS) 1st Overall Cross Crusade (4)


Wins = 27

Podiums (2nd & 3rd) = 45

Top 10s = 165