VYNL x LIOTR | An American Bike Joining the Fight Against Cancer

"Honest race bikes. Made in the USA"

You're damn right. When I first connected with Sophie Ballo of VYNL bikes, we were both trying to make something out of nothing with all the grit we could muster and some help from our friends. It wasn't long before VYNL became something and started blasting out these stellar aluminum frame sets with as much honesty as their ethos declares. 

As this year's Leave it on the Road ride began to take shape, I was honored to receive an invitation to ride one of these monsters and ultimately auction it off with all proceeds going to the chosen charity: The Colon Cancer Alliance. We set to it and over the course of our dialogue, we put together a custom painted road racing machine that anyone should honestly appreciate.

The warmth of Vinyl and a throwback attitude to what simply works was echoed in the paint scheme. A classic Burnt Orange with a hint of that vintage muscle charm gets some gold detail in pinstripes and details from LIOTR and Mettle to commemorate the ride and the cause.

Outfitted with Ride HiFi Mixtape Bombers and SRAM Red 22, this is a dream road machine in the midst of the all-road pack that's more available than ever these days (not that there's anything wrong with that).

If you ride roads, you should seriously consider building up one of these with some custom paint. The DNA of this bike is complicated and storied but that only appears after you try to understand how fucking no-nonsense it really is. To execute on anything that enables the user to ignore the details is a true accomplishment. Get on their site and show some love for a small brand giving a big piece to a huge cause. 

Posted on August 28, 2016 .