Black Mettle Riding Cream | Chamois Cream w/ Activated Charcoal by Mettle Cycling

During the 2018 Leave It On The Road, it was on this road in northern Idaho that a new (and pretty wild) product idea was invented. With 2 weeks of riding, eating, lodging, and suffering together, there’s a lot of thoughts being bounced around our tight group of riders…



While cosmetic products (and the best bloggers evar) have known about the benefits of Activated Charcoal and it’s impact on healthy skin, no one had considered focusing these properties on the most important skin care product in the cycling world: chamois cream. Essential oils and formulations have been improved in an effort to keep saddle sores at bay, but it was time for another another leap forward. It seems like a gimmick, but it is not.


Firstly, it’s black. Very black. We believe all chamois should be too… Who thought bright yellow chamois were a good idea, btw? That’s far too much honesty, we think. But if you must, Black Mettle Riding Cream does not leave permanent stains (according to our own trials over the last few months - we cannot absolutely guarantee anything). It washes out with cold water, even after being left out while you crack open a much deserved shower beer. We’ll spare you the photographic evidence.



Also, we decided TSA doesn’t understand how important our sensitive bits are. It became apparent that a quick trip or a LONG day in the saddle needs some portable relief instead of hauling around a 4oz jar of cream…or liquid, apparently. 1oz Brevet sizes are also available to take on the plane, stash in your bar bag, buy as a gift, or just sample it for yourself!


Was it Seiko, Zenith, or Heuer that earned the title of “First Automatic Chonograph?” And does it matter? Not really… but first to production is an important distinction and as we launch this product, we know you have options on where to spend your money as well as choosing competing products. This isn’t our first rodeo and we’ve seen our ideas go out the door only to come back to us under the guidance of another brand many times before. If you’re here reading this, you’ve taken an interest in our brand and what we’re trying to build: products that support a community with fresh ideas. Thanks for your support so far and we hope you come along for the ride!

Posted on March 24, 2019 .