METTLE SUNRISE 4 - Rocky Butte

The 4th annual Mettle Solstice Ride is upon us and we’re keeping it closer to home this year. Rocky Butte provides a very similar and stunning view of the Columbia River facing east and doesn’t require a 3:30am rollout! It’s gonna make that Friday at the office much more tolerable too. The best part? Post ride coffee and pastries at Breadwinner Cafe in NE Portland! All going down Friday June 21st!


Come celebrate the longest day of the year with a bunch of silly hooligans, bring your lights and a smile, and prepare for a nice cafe social where the coffee is donated by Breadwinner and the snacks are on us… all before the morning rush hour.

Here’s a view of the planned route, meet-up spots, and timing.

  • 4:30am - circle up at the Breadwinner Cafe parking lot

  • 4:40am - rollout

  • 5:10am - arrive at Rocky Butte

  • 5:21am - the sun rises

  • 5:45 - wrap up photos!

  • 6:00am - depart Rocky Butte

  • 6:40am - Coffee/Pastries at Breadwinner

Last year’s ride in photos below:

Posted on June 14, 2019 .