Mettle x Stoemper x HiFi - Custom Ti CX (The Purps)

When I first saw (stalked) the IG story of the talented frame painter (and even more talented SSCX racer) Lucas Strain, it was a nice glimpse into masking, painting, beer drinking, etc... When I saw him messing around with gear for anodizing things, I had to ask..."Are you guys about to start building Ti frames?"

"Yes" he wrote back... "but don't tell anyone."

Defiantly, I emailed Todd to ask to be put in the queue and we got to talking shop on the details. He and Lucas had been testing ceramic paint on Ti and it looked flawless. The result was a dream bike (for me, anyway) and making it roll on HiFi with some matching slippers was the cherry on top.

Non-obvious details (if you're into that kind of thing):

  • 1" chainstay Ti tubing
  • Finish: Ceramic Coating which allows for the paint to flex w/ the Ti as well as being impossible to chip, corrosion resistant, and badass.
  • Hubs to match, laced to HiFi EP 38mm Carbon Tubs, "Taped" to the Challenge Limus
  • ENVE cockpit
  • 44t "X-sync" / 12-34
  • CX Geo w/ 200mm HT and 60mm BB drop
Posted on October 9, 2017 .