Mettle x HiFi x Specialized S-Works Tarmac

My first ever "real" road bike was a 2007 Specialized Tarmac Comp (w/ Shimano 105 5600 10spd). I put almost 10,000 miles on that bad boy and have raced the hell out of it. After outgrowing that frame a bit and getting a little bit of "weight weenie" fever, it was time to go for the gusto and update the road machine portion of the stable. 

Josh at HiFi and I got to talking and before long, there was a project bike on my hands. HiFi Sound Cycling sponsors the Mettle Cycling road and CX teams - and they're doing a ton of custom decals. 1 no-brainer decision down. The second came when it was decided some custom paint would be a bit of a necessity for getting fully rad.

Lucas Strain has been painting for Stoemper for a while now and his skill level (previously applied to a custom steel frame they built for me) was absolutely top-shelf. 

Lastly, I'm not proficient enough to build a machine of this caliber and Mettle's Bike Shop partner Cycle Path PDX did an amazing job taking care of me and this bike. Now that the steer tube has been lopped off, I finally took an evening to shoot some proper photos of the newest member of the family.

Some bits about the features:

  • Matches! We only have so many matches to burn on any given race or ride. This year's Mettle Cycling Road Race team have hints of this concept throughout the design. 
  • Reverse seat post - all the cool kids are doing it. Plus, I like being more on top of the bike. Don't have an extra S-works zero set-back seat post laying around either!

Huge thanks to everyone mentioned above for helping this thing together. This fucking bike shreds like hell.

Posted on May 3, 2017 .