Trainer Photo Series #1: Alex Dickinson

Early season training in the PNW means a lot of solo miles indoors. We asked some of our team members and riding partners how it feels to them and documented one of their trainer sessions. This is Alex's story and his words. You can follow Alex on Instagram here. Alex is a writer, yoga instructor, and Rapha Ambassador. 

The trainer is honest. The trainer is brutal. When you're outside, you've got friends and scenery to distract you from how hard the work really is. But when it's just you and the whirring sound of the wheels and the gears changing, you're pretty much facing your demons head on, which is a big part of what cycling is all about. Because of the lack of distractions on the trainer, I'm actually able to go much harder. I guess whether I'm outside or inside, if I'm training alone I can shut everything else out and convince my brain that it's okay to just totally destroy my body. 

I've spent countless hours going no where. For me, there's something really special about that. The only value you can get out of the time on the trainer is development, whether it be physical, mental, or even spiritual. You just clip in, do the work, and try to learn from it, to get the most from it by putting every last bit of effort, and then, you try to be okay with it.

Posted on February 26, 2016 .