The Mettle Speed Strap is finally here...

We've been waiting a long time too... After much testing and sourcing, we're finally offering a small run of our Speed Strap for the "on the bike" photographers. Here's a quick rundown of the strap and the best ways to use it after riding over 1000 miles with the first prototype.


The Speed Strap is made to be worn during a ride and enables a "quick draw" method of getting shots on the road. The length of the strap is fully adjustable to allow for different torso lengths and preferences. While it feels a bit long settling on top of your tailbone, this length allows for your camera to be pulled out in front without detaching it from its quick-release. When accompanied by the Mettle Wrist Strap, you'll have more confidence trying to get shots out of this "zone" and detaching your camera from the Speed Strap. 


We've found the stability of the Speed Strap to be impressive, supporting all kinds of out of the saddle riding. You may find that having a few items in your jersey pockets (on the left and right of your center pocket) will help to keep the camera from swinging too far over. Be warned, this will happen. Riding with a camera on your back does have its drawbacks but the Speed Strap does pretty well in minimizing them.


They're crushing it in this application. Just slide the clip up/down to disengage, then match them up again and they snap back into place. 

The material is the same as the Wrist Straps: a 50/50 braid of high tenacity polyester and vectran for strength, abrasion resistance, and comfort. It's made to slide over your kit and over itself in just the right way. See below.

We've put a lot of love into this product, just like we always do. We hope you have better chances to catch that #lightbro or #roadslikethese shot with the Speed Strap.

This concludes our Mettle Cycling Speed Strap Instructions and the How to Use Manual! Or, How to wear a Mettle Speed Strap

Posted on April 18, 2016 .