PNW Cyclocross 2016 - Photo Review

"Though I travel down a dark path, I know victory awaits and glory will be someone's if not mine; or my teammate's... or my other teammate's. My heart leads me. Courage propels me. I will make my ancestors feel true PRIDE! Hark! Epiphany! I've passed the pizza hand-up but must travel course-direction to vanquish it!"

Arguably the best part of the bike racing calendar comes to a close for the locals in the PNW (while the global calendar continues on into January) and it's a good time to throw up some shots from the 2016 Cyclocross season. After the final race in the Cross Crusade series was completed this past weekend, there was a sense of relief in the air. No more sitting on the start grid or planning your week of training. Finally, we can take a full weekend without lugging trainers and pit wheels around and either spin around in the rain or just take the much needed break altogether. 

From the early season races lit by sunsets and generators to the slop of November, we're always hoping to capture the essence of what makes racing 'cross so great...

Posted on November 17, 2016 .